Contracting & Engineering

As a contracting civil engineer firm, Cosmo Estates offers structured progression opportunities and professional services, turn the plans of consulting civil engineers (designers) into reality.

Design & Planning Management

Under the guidance of the Design Committee and the sub-design Committee, the Planning & Design group makes recommendations and presents them to the clients for suggestions and final approval.

Cost Estimations

Based on historical experience and the expected difficulty of a particular construction project, we estimate the expected construction cost which will be used for control purposes as well as for planning construction financing.

Schedule Management

Based on our effective management in-house policies, procedures and measurable tasks we establish the project baseline. This baseline is used to monitor and control the project schedule during various phase and providing client end-to- end legal assistance.

Procurement Management

As an EPC firm “Engineering, Procurement and Construction” we are responsible for all the activities from design, procurement, construction, to commissioning and handover of the project to the End-User “On-time” and “within budget.

Senior site supervisors

Experienced site managers are involved before site activity takes place and are responsible for managing communication between all parties involved in on-site development of the project. Site managers frequently handle inquiries and communication with Management.

In-house quality audits

Well established QC procedures comprise Quality Assurance (QA) like execution documents, work instructions, inspection regimes, process files, action plans which would reduce the cost of rework due to bad quality and controls both internal and external process.

Scheduled management visits

Periodic site visit by experienced management team to construction site provide expertise to the construction team where needed, these visits enable better understanding and enabling good relationship between customer and our team and detect any underlying tensions.

Property Documentation

Our experienced team of Legal advisors, Property consultants and Acquisition consultants offer Property Documentation Service to our clients. Our team assist in documentation procedure which range from providing client end-to- end legal assistance.